SecurRev 6/6x/7/8

Regulate high flow traffic with maximum security preventing the entry of unauthorized people.

SecurRev guarantees the entry of one person at a time with the anti-tailgating and anti-piggybacking functions. With the SecurRev system installed, security personnel can be reduced or eliminated completely, saving tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. The SecurRev is available with a 3 or 4-wings central rotor depending on traffic flow requirements. SecurRev can be configured in either entry-only, exit-only, or bidirectional traffic flow mode.

Standard Features

  • Curved side walls in laminated glass 3/4″; compliant with BR2, P6B, Optional BR4, P8B
  • Door leaves in tempered laminated glasses 1/2″ thick; compliant with P2A (EN 356) Optional BR3, P7B
  • 4x LED lighting system
  • Dust cover finished to match. Optional sealed canopy provided by 3rd party
  • Voice module for unauthorized users
  • Standard safety sensors
  • Serial ports for external interfacing (RS 232 RS 485)
  • Authorized/unauthorized users LED lighting system and push button used to start the rotation
  • In the event if fire alarm or any evacuation situation, wings fold in the direction of egress


  • Door leaves 3/4″
  • Secured and non-secured side card reader or desired ACS integration
  • Motion active sensor upon entry
  • Laptop control
  • INPUT/OUTPUT card (1/0)
  • Heating element for board

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