Maximizes pedestrian traffic throughput while preventing opposite direction traffic.

SecurFlow safely prevents access from an non-secured area to a secured one while optimizing the throughput. SecurFlow combined cameras and sensors systems accurately detects objects as small as 2 cubic inches either thrown (“flying”) or abandoned within the portal. SecurFlow’s modular structure adapts to architectural requirements or space constraints. The two-door and the three-door models can be coupled with a swing gate speed-lane corridor. SecurFlow’s LED lighting system has outputs inside and outside the portal indicating functioning modes or directions to the users.

Standard Features

  • Elegant and light aluminum structure
  • Thrown (“flying”) objects detection system
  • Abandoned objects detection system
  • Safety sensors
  • Key-operated selector switch for the corridor modes management
  • Internal LED spots
  • Manual door re-opening possible during power outage
  • Control system to change authorized flow direction
  • Cleaning mode
  • Power save mode
  • Floor level light curtains


  • Swing gate speed lane
  • Additional monitoring camera
  • Lateral walls bumper
  • External barriers lighting
  • Walls object detection system
  • Ceiling object detection systems
  • Key-operated cleaning mode
  • Tablet and software for the corridor modes management
  • Hardware or software customization

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