SecurLock 5/4/3x/3

The latest evolution of the SecurLock Security Portal Series.

SecurLock 5/4/3x/3 is constructed of extremely thin glass and steel profiles, the SecurLock provides the highest level of security while remaining a beautiful and inviting entryway. SecurLock can be installed above finished floor with no concrete work other than standard expansion anchors. SecurLock 5 is the largest version of the SecurLock Series meeting ADA access requirements for transit of disabled persons.

Standard Features

  • Door and side glass thickness 22 mm BR2 (EN1063), P6B (EN356)
  • Lighting with 2 halogen spotlights for the interior
  • Upper metal roof
  • Volumetric system to control the transit of one person at a time
  • Digital voice communications for guidance of users in transit
  • Mechanical lock
  • Key for first entry and last exit
  • Safety sensors for accident prevention
  • Programmable control console for manual management with intercom
  • In the event of a power failure, the doors can be reopened manually


  • Removable standalone portal
  • Floor frame for embedding the portal
  • 1 inch high base
  • Extension cap to increase the total height of the portal
  • Metal detector housed outside the structure with automatic reset after an alarm
  • Volumetric object detection of abandoned objects inside
  • Door and side glass thickness 27 mm BR3 (EN1063), P6B (EN356)
  • Internal/external support for badge and/or proximity reader
  • Redundant door opening system
  • Automatic door opening sensor
  • Input/output expansion card (I/O)

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