The SecurTeL security door is designed to ensure unicity of passage while maintaining optimal throughput.

With the anti-tailgating and anti-piggybacking function, the SecurTeL guarantees the entry of one person at a time. With the SecurTeL system installed, security personnel can be reduced or eliminated completely saving tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

Standard Features

  • Doors & lateral glasses BR3, P6B
  • Lighting by means of 2LED spots placed on the internal space
  • Modular assembly
  • Metal canopy cover
  • Voice module for unauthorized users
  • Security block in closer with mechanical locking mechanism
  • First in last out key
  • Standard safety sensors
  • Serial ports for external interfacing (RS 232 RS 485)
  • Programmable control panel with intercom system
  • Authorized/unauthorized users LED lighting system and push button used to open the doors
  • In case of power breakdown, the doors can be opened manually
  • Internal emergency button


  • Thermal scanner
  • Internal canopy opening for maintenance
  • Height extensions
  • Metal detector with automatic reset after each alarm, and sensor inside to detect the presence of metal object left inside
  • 18 Ah built-in battery backup
  • Internal/External support either for card or proximity reader
  • Internal microcamera
  • Doors opening radar
  • Additional console
  • Additional input/output card (1/0)
  • (Canopy) heating system
  • Sanification unit

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