Physical protection apparatus for Teller Machines (ATM, ITM).

SecurCash protects their owners against banknotes robbery resulting from successful explosives or “hook and chain” attacks. SecurCash is a patented lightweight structure that adapts to the Teller Machine width and depth. SecurCash reduces collateral damage to Teller Machines environment in case of an attack. Ideal for both retrofit and new installation. SecurCash can be neatly fitted to outside installations with or without an enclosure or protection bands.

Tested by an independent certifier to successfully withstand:

  • Explosion with gas
  • Explosion with solid explosive (penthrite)
  • Anchorage traction – resists capacities of a medium duty 10-wheeler truck or backhoe


  • EN 1143-1: “means of custody” – requirements, classificationn and methods of trial for the resistance to the forced entry – Part 1
  • Safes, safes for ATM, doors for armoured chambers and armoured chambers

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